DID YOU KNOW? 79% of the Strongsville City Fund comes from City Income Tax, not Real Estate Taxes.

CONTINUED ECONOMIC SUCCESS – A continued commitment to keeping Strongsville a Business Hub by retaining and bringing new business and development to the city. Continue to hold our Moody’s AAA Bond Rating.

TOWN CENTER ENHANCEMENT PROJECT – The Strongsville Town Center Enhancement and Walkability Initiative is a project that will improve the connectivity and walkability of the area. This project will also construct new quality of life amenities that are beneficial to Strongsville residents with a focus on the area of families and children with disabilities.

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ONGOING CITY STREET IMPROVEMENTS – Prospect Storm Sewer Project – $2 Million has been approved by the Federal Government for this project. $15.9 Million will go to city street improvements this year.

BOSTON ROAD EXCHANGE – With the help of our State Representative Tom Patton, The Ohio State House of Representatives has passed House Bill 110, giving Strongsville’s City Council $100,000 for the work of an engineering consultant for the project.

HOUSING ASSESSED VALUE – Strongsville has the 2nd highest Assessed Housing Value in Cuyahoga County.

TRIPLE BOND RATING – Strongsville is one of four cities in Cuyahoga County and fifteenth in the state of Ohio to achieve a AAA Bond Rating through Moody’s Investor Services.

SAFETY – Strongsville is the home of the Southwest Emergency Dispatch Center, servicing seven surrounding communities. Our Fire & Emergency Services are one of thirty-three agencies in the country to receive the Lifetime Award for Outstanding Cardiac Care.

STRONGSVILLE IS A BUSINESS HUB – Strongsville continues to draw businesses. According to Crain’s Cleveland Business, Strongsville’s business parks rank #1 (Strongsville Business & Technology Park), #7 (Progress Drive Business Park), and #11 (Dow Circle Research and Development Park) in Cuyahoga County. In 2021 Strongsville was designated as one of Cuyahoga County’s Job Hubs.


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